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iOS 10 Guide

iOS 10 Guide

iOS 10 Manual
iOS 10 Guide - This isn’t only for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, 3D Touch has been vastly improved in iOS 10, and the new features also work on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, so even if you don’t have the latest phone, give them a try. There are many to remember, and updates will be added all the time; so the best advice is to hard press down on app icons, or notifications, to see what happens. In iOS 10 Apple added new ways for people to message one another, aside from using mere words.

iOS 10 Guide

One particular addition was the ability to hide a message so it won’t be revealed until the recipient taps or rubs on it. To use these hidden messages, first, type what you want to say, or attach an image or video, then press down on the blue up arrow to bring up your effects. You want the one that says Invisible Ink. Tap it to add the effect, which will look like static or sparkles.

iMessage iOS 10 Guide
Another addition to iMessage comes in the form of apps made specifically for it. In iMessage, you can access this app by tapping on the gray arrow on the left, then tap the icon that looks like drawing tools forming a triangle. Depending on how many apps you have installed, you’ll have multiple tabs you can swipe through to send different things, from GIFs to music from your library to Shazam tags. You can browse and download new iMessage apps on the App Store, which can be easily reached by tapping the group of four smaller boxes in the bottom left corner and then tapping the option labeled Store.

iOS 10 Manual Guide

This will be incredibly useful if you’re looking to edit a typo while typing. In any app that uses the keyboard, press down on the keyboard and it’ll become blank. Without lifting your finger, move it around the touchscreen to freely move your cursor. When over a word, press down to highlight it, or press it twice to highlight an entire selection.

Apple iOS 10 Guide
Apple iOS 10 GuideTo show you all the good times you’ve recently experienced, iOS 10 makes Memories out of your photos and videos. Think of them as a sort of slideshow designed to remind you of what you’ve been through. You can edit these by going to Photos > Memories, tapping the video at the top, and tapping it again to bring up user controls. Then, tap the three horizontal lines with circle icon in the bottom right to begin editing. Here, you can change the Title, Music, Duration, and choose which photos and videos you want to use.

iOS 10 Tutorial Guide
Listening to music is one thing, but it never hurts to know what the words actually are. While in the Music app, and while a song is playing, tap the Now Playing section at the bottom to bring up the full song. Afterward, tap the three dotted lines in the bottom-right corner to bring up another menu, and near the bottom should be an option for Lyrics. Tap that so you can accurately sing along with what you’re listening to. Sadly, this won’t work with every song you own or every song available on Apple Music. If the Lyrics option isn’t there, it’s because Apple has yet to add them.