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Honor 9 User Manual PDF

Honor 9 User Manual PDF

Honor 9 Manual
Honor 9 User Manual PDF - Huawei Honor 9 User Guide in PDF format will be available to download. The user guide will be available for download when the handset official. The download link for User Guide in PDF format will be updated. Reading the Honor User Guide in PDF format will help you to master your Honor 9 especially its new features.

Honor 9 User Manual PDF

Get Huawei Honor 9 setup guide and find out complete tutorial on how to set up Honor 9 and get started with it here. First time setup Honor9

Huawei Honor 9 User Guide
Ensure that the SIM card is inserted correctly before using your phone for the first time. Read the Quick Start Guide for more information on how to set up your phone.

Press and hold the power button to turn on your Honor 9 phone, and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the initial setup.
  1. Select your language and region, and then touch Next.
  2. Proceed to the Wi-Fi settings screen. Your phone will automatically list available Wi-Fi networks. Select the network you want to connect to, and then enter the password to access the Internet.
  3. Proceed to the Terms and Conditions screen. Read the content carefully, accept the user terms and Huawei Privacy Policy, and then touch Next.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to enable Wi-Fi+.
  5. Your phone has a fingerprint sensor. Follow the onscreen instructions to add your fingerprint.
  6. You also need to set a PIN or password in order to unlock the screen when your phone fails to recognize your fingerprint.
  7. On the Configuration successful screen, touch Begin to complete the settings. Wait for a moment and the EMUI interface should launch. You can now start using your phone.

Honor 9 Dual SIM settings
When two SIM cards are inserted, only one SIM card can be set as the 4G/3G/2G SIM. The other
SIM card slot only supports 2G networks. You can also configure Honor 9 settings the default card for mobile data and phone calls according to your monthly plan. This feature is only available on dual SIM phones.

Honor 9 Settings
Open Settings and touch Dual card management. You can configure both SIM cards as
  1. If you disable a SIM card, you will be unable to use it to make calls, send messages, or access the Internet.
  2. Select Dual SIM calling. You can configure whether you want to select a SIM card manually or use the default SIM card each time you make a call. If you choose to use the default SIM card, your phone will use that SIM card for all outgoing calls.

Honor 9 manual will help you to find out all the amazing things you can do with your new phone.We will provide you with tips, tutorial and guide on how to maximize the use of your new gadget, from how to set up and get start with your phone, how to personalized your Honor 9, how to restart, update, reset or restore your phone and more.

Honor 9 Tutorial
Locking the screen
  1. Press the power button to manually lock the screen.
  2. The screen will lock automatically and enter sleep mode after it has been idle for a certain period to reduce power consumption and prevent unintended operations.
  3. To change the screen sleep time, open Settings, touch Display > Sleep, and then select a time.
Your phone will continue to receive messages, notifications, and incoming calls when the screen is locked. The status indicator will flash when you receive new notifications. When you receive an
incoming call, the screen will turn on and display the caller information.

Unlocking the screen
When the screen is off, press the power button to wake the screen. Slide your finger in any direction to unlock the screen.

Magazine Unlock
Use Magazine Unlock to create your own selection of lock screen images and bring your lock screen to life.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen to display the Magazine Unlock options.